Crustaharbor f. Catfish & Crayfish

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Crustaharbor f. Catfish & Crayfish

Crustaharbor the "house" for crayfish, unique in Germany!

Our Crustaharbor of the aquarium kind is an elaborately manufactured product especially for larger crayfish, it offers the crayfish vital protection, for example during a moult, because there the shell of the crayfish is very soft and vulnerable, in our Crustaharbor the animals can recover from the moult and the shell can harden.

The Crustaharbor consists of 2 segments put together, on the one hand the main segment, the lower part, a kind of "half sphere" with a large entrance, ideal for crab species like Procrambarus, or Cherax, but also crabs like to use our Crustaharbor very much, animals which like to retreat, such as the freshwater king crabs are dependent on retreats like the Crustahabor.

As you can see the Crustaharbor is gladly accepted by crabs, convince yourself from our product pictures.

On the first segment follows a 2tes with a smaller entrance, there young animals can hide, since larger animals does not come in there, it offers thus the offspring protection from the larger animals, and is used by the small crayfish & crabs gladly.

Also the Crustaharbor is gladly climbed, be it by crabs, shrimps or crabs.

Furthermore, the Crustaharbor provides space for bacteria to place the water values, like all products of this line.

Our shrimp tip

Bind the Crustaharbor with moss, in our moss assortment you will find a gigantic selection of mosses, so the Crustaharbor can also still be expanded by shrimp.

General information about our Aquarien Art products


Our products of the Aquarium Art Nano Line are made exclusively from natural

Raw materials this has the advantages that important bacteria groups

(filter bacteria) form faster, these settle on the porous surface of the clay, this

noticeably accelerates the settling time of an aquarium and stimulates the play instinct of the shrimps

because the shrimps visibly enjoy grazing the clay and the moss that has grown on it

moss growing on it.

The products of the Aquarium Art Nano Line are elaborately Handmade manufactured and are

so they can not disintegrate in the water, there are no sharp cutting edges on the products

on the products as would be the case, for example, with plastic products, thus a

Danger of injury is excluded

The products offer a unforgettable eye-catcher for every aquarium and harmonize with the

Shrimp very well, so they see your shrimp also often, if they put the clay products in the



The most important key data for the products of Aquarien Art Nano Line

- elaborately manufactured (by hand)

- only selected materials of the best quality are used

- The products improve the water quality

- Clay does not harden the water, unlike many other types of stone

- burned several times, the products can not decay and offer a lifetime a

real eye-catcher for the aquarium

- Optimal for keeping dwarf shrimps & dwarf crabs

Aquarium Art Nano Line - enjoy vital & happy shrimps

  • 1658
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Crustaharbor f. Catfish & Crayfish

Crustaharbor f. Catfish & Crayfish

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Question from: "Hello i want to buy cherax crayfish from you and i want to know how big this crustaharbor is,thanks"

von Kevin (Garnelio)
Answer from the shopowner
von Kevin (Garnelio)

Hello Mihec, thank you for your question! The Crustaharbor is roughly 10 cm in diameter across the bottom.

Question from: "Hallo, wie sind die Maße dieser Höhle?"

von Kevin (Garnelio)
Answer from the shopowner
von Kevin (Garnelio)

Hallo Kirsten, vielen Dank für deine Frage! Die Basis des Crustahabor ist etwa 14cm breit.

Question from: " Wäre die Höhle auch passend für Albino-Panzerwelse? Suche noch eine Höhle die sowohl für meine Zwerggarnelen als auch die Welse passend wären. Danke!"

von Kevin (Garnelio)
Answer from the shopowner
von Kevin (Garnelio)

Ja, dazu ist sie ausreichend.

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