NatureHolic - Plant Glue - 20g
NatureHolic - Plant Glue - 20g
NatureHolic - Plant Glue - 20g
  • Plant adhesive
  • guaranteed non-toxic
  • perfect for perennial plants
  • reacts slowly

NatureHolic - Plant Glue - 20g

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Content: 20 Gramm (66.20€ * / 100 Gramm)

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NatureHolic - Plant Glue - 20g
The NatureHolic plant glue is unparalleled in aquaristics. Gluing is the new wrapping! Instead of tediously tying up mosses or epiphytic plants with unsightly thread or tinkering root pieces together with thread or even screws, there is now a perfect alternative. With our absolutely pollutant-free plant glue, you can glue mosses and epiphytes such as Bucephalandra or Anubias, water ferns and pinnate water lilies onto roots, stones or aquarium decorations very easily and super fast. - Garnelio

With the NatureHolic plant adhesive especially for aqu ariums, all types of aquarium mosses and perching plants can be inconspicuously and gently attached to aquarium decorations such as wood, roots, decorations and hiding places made of clay. NatureHolic's plant adhesive hardens on contact with water and is therefore best used on dry surfaces.

It is not possible to tie up mosses and perching plants so easily on all decorative materials - sometimes the thread would be very visible, sometimes the shape of the hardscape does not allow anything to be tied up at all. But even if untying would be possible - easier is to glue on. This method of planting roots and stones for the aquarium and aquarium decorations is practiced hundreds of times - with a special plant glue you are definitely on the safe side. The NatureHolic plant glue is absolutely non-toxic, optimally compatible for aquarium plants and definitely harmless for all aquarium animals.

To glue on mosses, first cut the moss into smaller pieces of approx. 1-2 cm length. Then apply a few drops of plant glue to the dry substrate and place the mosses. Also perching plants are simply glued to the dry substrate with the rootstock. The plant glue sets in about half a minute due to the humidity in the air. The glue dries to a whitish color. Later, the moss grows over the glue spots and conceals them perfectly.

Also for the absorbent cotton method (also known as cigarette filter method ) our plant glue from NatureHolic is suitable for the aquarium. With this method, roots or even stones can be inseparably connected. Some absorbent cotton is soaked well with the NatureHolic plant glue and then used as a bonding medium between root pieces or stone chunks. While plant glue alone cannot permanently bond hard materials, combining it with the absorbent cotton results in an almost indestructible bond.

Attention: Also sticks skin, therefore do not bring on the fingers during the processing!

Content: 20g

Name: NatureHolic plant glue
Manufacturer: NatureHolic Ltd
Property: non-toxic plant adhesive for all perching plants and mosses in the aquarium
Color: clear transparent, dries white
Contents: 20 ml
Further  information

The cigarette filter method or wading method for bonding hardscape, Aquascaping- or the fine art of underwater gardening, Well equipped- NatureHolic Aquascaping Tools

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NatureHolic - Plant Glue - 20g

NatureHolic - Plant Glue - 20g

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Question from: "Hallo, lmeine Wurzeln sind bereits im Aquarium. Demzufolge eben nicht trocken. Würde dennoch gerne Aufsitzerpflanzen drauf kleben. Ist das mit dem Kleber nicht möglich?"

von Kevin (Garnelio)
Answer from the shopowner
von Kevin (Garnelio)

Hallo Sylvana, vielen Dank fuer deine Frage! Du kannst die Wurzeln herausholen, die Klebestelle ein wenig abtrocknen und dann kleben. Es muss nicht trocken sein. 

Question from: "Hallo, aus was besteht der Pflanzenkleber?"

von Kevin (Garnelio)
Answer from the shopowner
von Kevin (Garnelio)

Hallo Jana, vielen Dank für deine Frage! Die Rezeptur ist leider geheim. 

Question from: "Sollte man die Pflanzen etwas abtrocknen lassen,oder ist das egal wie nass die sind?"

von Kevin (Garnelio)
Answer from the shopowner
von Kevin (Garnelio)

Hallo Erika, vielen Dank für deine Frage! Der Kleber funktioniert auch mit feuchten Pflanzen, die Pflanzen sollten auf keinen Fall ganz trocken werden. 

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