NatureHolic - Snailfeed Sticks 30g
NatureHolic - Snailfeed Sticks 30g
NatureHolic - Snailfeed Sticks 30g
NatureHolic - Snailfeed Sticks 30g
NatureHolic - Snailfeed Sticks 30g
NatureHolic - Snailfeed Sticks 30g
NatureHolic - Snailfeed Sticks 30g
NatureHolic - Snailfeed Sticks 30g
NatureHolic - Snailfeed Sticks 30g
NatureHolic - Snailfeed Sticks 30g
  • Complete food for aquarium snails
  • For a healthy shell
  • For a good constitution
  • Gently produced

NatureHolic - Snailfeed Sticks 30g

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Content: 30 Gramm (40.97€ * / 100 Gramm)

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NatureHolic - Snailfeed Sticks 30g
The vast majority of snails in aquaristics eat algae, biofilms, plant remains and dead aquarium inhabitants. Large snails such as apple snails, Tylos, paradise snails and snails of the Faunus or Brotia genera do not survive on the food left over by the fish in the aquarium; they need extra supplementary food specially adapted to their needs. Wild-caught snails such as racing snails and staghorn snails do not eat normal food in the beginning, but only eat algae deposits; if these are not sufficiently available in the aquarium, they may starve to death. With Natureholic Snail Feed Softsticks you can offer them a feeding area as they know it from nature. The sticks are also very well accepted by wild caught snails. - Garnelio

Our delicious Snailfeed Sticks are suitable for all aquarium snails that partially or exclusively eat aufw uchs. For all those who want to feed their growth-eating aquarium snails in a species-appropriate way, but do not like to have paste on their fingers, our proven Snailfeed Paste is now available as qualitatively equivalent, equally biologically valuable soft sticks with the same high acceptance. These soft sticks are specially designed for freshwater aquarium snails that eat aufwuchs. The snails can scrape their food off the soft softsticks just like they do in nature.

The Snailfeed Sticks consist of tasty finely ground vegetables, algae and insects as protein suppliers, valuable yeasts and high-quality oils and fats. We have also used our special blend of directly bioavailable organic mineral compounds and vitamins. Natureholic Snail Feed Power Sticks provide your aquarium snails with all the building blocks for healthy growth and a stable, intact shell.

Even wild snails that are tricky to feed, such as racing snails, limpets or staghorn snails, can be easily accustomed to snail food in the aquarium with the help of the Snailfeed Softsticks. For all hungry aquarium snails stressed by transport, which do not know conventional food, the Snailfeed Softsticks are suitable for feeding and for getting used to food.

Natureholic Snailfeed Softsticks are also ideal as a food source for large ornamental sn ails such as Tylomelania, Apple snails, Brotia, Faunus, Piano snails and many other aquarium snails. The sticks contain proteins and minerals such as calcium and magnesium for a good shell structure and can prevent shell damage due to mineral deficiency . Vitamins and fiber round out the mix and can provide for healthy digestion.

Thanks to the gentle and environmentally friendly processing of our NatureHolic Snailfeed Power Sticks we have largely all the vital substances from the valuable ingredients, which thus directly benefit the animals in the aquarium.

The Natureholic Snailfeed Sticks are exactly adapted to the needs of freshwater snails in aquaristics, which eat growth, algae and detritus. NatureHolic Snailfeed Softsticks provide them with all the nutrients and minerals they need to build a beautiful shell and grow sustainably.

An important component of the Snailfeed Softsticks is our special mixture of organically bound, immediately bioavailable trace elements and vitamins. The snails can utilize the valuable building blocks directly and do not have to go through the hassle of converting them. If the shell is already damaged, this food provides the snail with sufficient minerals to repair the calcium shell from the inside. The new growth on the shell then shows the species-typical beautiful colors and patterns again.

Feedingrecommendation: Feed 1-2 times a day as many sticks as your snails can eat in a few minutes.
Storage at room temperature, no refrigeration necessary.

Name: NatureHolic Snailfeed Softsticks
Composition: Vegetable by-products, algae, vegetables, yeasts, oils and fats, minerals, herbs
Nutritional additives/kg: Vitamin A 20000 IU, Vitamin D3 (E671) 1500 IU, Vitamin C (ascorbyl monophosphate, calcium sodium salt) 150mg; Copper (copper (II) sulfate, pentahydrate) 3mg, iron (ferrous (II) sulfate, monohydrate) 24mg, iodine (potassium iodide) 0.3mg, manganese (manganese (II) oxide) 31mg, selenium (sodium selenite) 0.1mg, zinc (zinc oxide) 30mg; Sensory additives: Colorants
Complete feed for aquarium snails
Directions for use: Feed 1-2 times daily as much as the animals take in a few minutes
Made in Germany
Contents: 30g
  • 29356
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NatureHolic - Snailfeed Sticks 30g

NatureHolic - Snailfeed Sticks 30g

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Question from: "Ich habe das Snail Feed in Pastenform. Die Schnecken kommen gar nicht dazu es zu fressen weil die Garnelen super scharf darauf sind. Viel mehr wie auf das Proteinfeed, Mainfeed und Mineralfeed. Wäre es von den Inhaltsstoffen auch ok ausschließlich dieses für Garnelen und Schnecken zu füttern? "

von Kevin (Garnelio)
Answer from the shopowner
von Kevin (Garnelio)

Hallo Kirstin, vielen Dank für deine Frage! Unser Snailfeed ist auch für Garnelen sehr gesund und kann diesen bedenkenlos gefüttert werden.

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