NatureHolic - Iron Booster - liquid iron aquarium fertilizer
  • Liquid fertilizers for aquariums
  • Iron fertilizer
  • important for chlorophyll
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NatureHolic - Iron Booster - liquid iron aquarium fertilizer

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NatureHolic - Iron Booster - liquid iron aquarium fertilizer
NatureHolic Iron Booster Aquascaping Fertilizer is an affordable and high-yield solution for an optimized iron supply of all aquascapes and planted aquariums. It ensures healthy growth and brilliant colors of aquatic plants in the aquascape - especially the green and red aquarium plants benefit greatly from a good iron supply. Let's declare war on algae by ensuring that our aquarium plants can grow healthily - with NatureHolic Iron Booster we have taken a big step forward here. - Garnelio

The liquid NatureHolic Iron Booster with immediate effect is an iron-containing liquid fertilizer for aquascaping and for all plant aquariums. It provides all aquarium plants with the important micronutrient iron (Fe), other trace elements and the macronutrient potassium.

Iron is needed by our aquarium plants to form their green leaf pigment chlorophyll. If the aquarium plants have too little iron, the leaves appear dull and pale, and in severe deficiency situations, chlorosis even occurs. In iron chlorosis, the leaf tissue becomes yellowish, and only the leaf veins stand out green. The new shoots appear bleached, whitish, yellowish or dull pink. Because the plants cannot produce energy through photosynthesis without green leaves, the growth of aquarium plants is very poor in the case of an iron deficiency. If there are nutrient gaps in the aquarium, the algae like to use these for themselves. If the plants in the aquarium do not grow properly, an iron deficiency in the aquarium sometimes manifests itself as an algae plague.

The NatureHolic Iron Booster as an iron fertilizer for the aquarium makes the leaf colors of red and green aquarium plants in the aquascape really shine, and the plants in the aquarium grow healthy and vigorous bushy again. It provides the plants with other important trace elements for healthy growth: manganese, zinc, boron, molybdenum and 0.002% copper. These nutrients are stabilized in such a way that they are absolutely harmless for fish and invertebrates, even for sensitive shrimps, in the aquarium when used in the correct dose and are available to the plants unhindered and even over a long period of time. The stabilization of the nutrients in NatureHolic Iron Booster allows the aquarium plants particularly well to absorb the important trace nutrients through their leaves from the aquarium water.

NatureHolic Iron Booster Aquascaping Fertilizer is best dosed when the lights come on in the aquarium. This allows the plants to absorb the nutrients directly and utilize them for their photosynthesis. For sustainability reasons, we do not use unnecessary fragrances and dyes in our NatureHolic aquarium fertilizers. Our NatureHolic aquascaping fertilizers are characterized by their high efficiency and large yield.

Dosage: NatureHolic Iron Booster is dosed depending on the lighting level in the aquarium. It is best to add the iron fertilizer daily. A weekly fertilization is also possible, but because the aquarium plants respond better to a rather constant iron supply, we recommend the daily fertilization.

Aquariums with strong light and with CO2 fertilization receive 2 ml Iron Booster per 100 liters per day, without CO2 supply 1 ml. Aquariums with medium strong light with CO2 fertil ization receive 1 ml, without CO2 supply 0.6 ml. Low light aquariums do well with CO2 fertilization with 0.6 ml, without CO2 supply with 0.4 ml Iron Booster.

These dosage recommendations are only guidelines and can be adjusted individually to the aquarium at any time. If the iron value in the aquarium increases too much or if red algae (brush algae, beard algae) spread, the fertilizer quantity should be reduced. The water values should be checked regularly with a high-quality water test for aquaristics. We recommend a weekly water change of approx. 25-70% to avoid nutrient peaks in the aquascape.

We recommend the use of the iron complete fertilizer together with the effective Macronutrient fertilizers from NatureHolic, so that the plants in the aquascape or planted aquarium are supplied with everything they need.

Contents: 250 ml, 500 ml, 2000 ml or 5000 ml


Name: NatureHolic Iron Booster Aquascaping Fertilizer
Manufacturer: NatureHolic
Feature: Iron fertilizer, liquid fertilizer for aquarium plants
Function: adds iron in a targeted manner
Dosage per 100 liters of aquarium water per day: Aquariums with strong light and with CO2 fertilization: 2 ml; with strong light without CO2 supply: 1 ml; with medium light with CO2 fertilization: 1 ml; with medium light without CO2 supply: 0.6 ml; with weak light with CO2 fertilization: 0.6 ml: with weak light without CO2 supply: 0.4 ml
Package size: 250 ml, 500 ml, 2000 ml or 5000 ml
Further information
The correct plant fertilization in the aquarium
  • 11381
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NatureHolic - Iron Booster - liquid iron aquarium fertilizer

NatureHolic - Iron Booster - liquid iron aquarium fertilizer

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250 ml

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von Kevin (Garnelio)

Hallo Fiona, vielen Dank für deine Frage! Der Dünger ist 100% sicher für alle uns bekannten Aquarienbewohner.

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