Nano Walnut leaves Brown - 15 pcs.
  • for water care
  • preventive against diseases
  • for wood eaters
  • promotes microfauna
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Nano Walnut leaves Brown - 15 pcs.

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Nano Walnut leaves Brown - 15 pcs.
Brown walnut leaves have been convincing in aquaristics for a long time. Not only its several positive properties, such as a light disinfection and antibacterial effect, make it so outstanding, it is also great as a snack for catfish and by promoting the microfauna also for all invertebrates. Its slightly acidifying and pH stabilizing effect makes it a real all-rounder. - Garnelio

Whether walnut leaves are better used green or brown in the aquarium has always occupied scholars. Since the two actually differ in their spectrum of action, we offer for this reason here the brown, but in the store also the green nano walnut leaves in the shop. The benefits of walnut leaves have been known since ancient times and even in the aquarium it convinces with several positive advantages. In principle, it can be used in the same way as sea almond leaves and works at least similarly. Our Nano Walnut Leaves are young leaves of black forest walnut trees and were collected by hand from healthy trees far away from industry and highways.

Carefully, our brown nano walnut leaves have been air dried so they can be used in the aquarium. Brown Nano Walnut Leaves have a low disinfectant and also antibiotic effect and can even be used as a preventive against oodinium, fungal infections or spawn fungus. Especially on the pH-value it has a slightly acidifying and stabilizing effect and furthermore has an effect on the water quality and the health of the beloved aquarium animals with an abundance of humic substances, flavonoids and tannic acids . Last but not least, brown Nano Walnut leaves promote microfauna during their decomposition on the aquarium floor, which in turn benefits shrimp, snails and crayfish. Especially wood-eating fish species, such as for example Loricariid catfishcan be fed very well with them.

Initially, the nano walnut leaves may float up in the aquarium. They can therefore be weighted down with aquarium decorations, for example, but also briefly scalded with hot water. You can also just let them float until they sink on their own after a few days. The brief boiling softens the cell structure of the leaves, making their active ingredients available more quickly to all aquarium inhabitants.

The slight coloration of the water caused by the use of Nano Walnut Leaves is completely harmless and even beneficial in blackwater aquariums.

2 - 4 leaves per 15-25 liters of tank volume.  The initially floating leaves will sink to the bottom after a few days, where they can be left until completely decomposed. Leaves that have not decomposed can be removed after a few days.

Declaration according to the German Feed Regulation: straight feed for ornamental shrimps, snails and ornamental crayfish
Composition: 100% brown walnut leaves(Juglans regia), dried
Contents: 15 pieces
Size: approx. 8 - 12 cm each

Name: Nano walnut leaves
Manufacturer: Natureholic
Contents: 15 pieces
Size: approx. 8 - 12 cm
Food type: Natural food supplement/decoration  
Further information: Foliage for the aquarium, Humic substances- the unknown weapon in the aquarium
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Nano Walnut leaves Brown - 15 pcs.

Nano Walnut leaves Brown - 15 pcs.

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