Garnelio - alder cones - 25 g
  • valuable humic acids
  • ideal for all aquariums
  • very natural decoration
  • inhibit spawning fungus

Garnelio - alder cones - 25 g

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Content: 25 Gramm (19.96€ * / 100 Gramm)

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Garnelio - alder cones - 25 g
Humic substances are virtually indispensable in the aquarium and offer a number of advantages. Alder cones not only have a germ-inhibiting effect, they also protect the mucous membranes and have an antifungal effect on fish spawn. They slightly acidify the aquarium water and give it a great golden yellow color. Catfish and invertebrates also like to nibble the cones. - Garnelio

Humic acids play a major role in the natural habitats of invertebrates and fish kept in the aquarium, which is why they should also be available to the animals in the aquarium. Alder cones come from the black alder, which is scientifically called Alnus glutinosa. With Garnelio alder cones you can easily enrich the water with humic and tannic substances, which have a positive effect on the health and well-being of your animals. The effect of alder cones is similar to that of peat, as they slightly acidify the water and depress the pH value. Herbivorous catfish also like to nibble on alder cones, because they contain tannins and humic substances as well as fiber and minerals, which are indispensable for a healthy life.

Alder cones are also well suited for so-called black water aquariums, because they give the water a naturally shimmering amber touch, in which your animals not only feel comfortable, but also look great. Especially as a substitute for copper-containing medications, which most invertebrates and some fish cannot tolerate, alder cones are excellent. They protect the mucous membranes, have a germ-inhibiting effect and are also considered an insider tip among breeders to prevent spawn fungus.

Add 1 alder cone per 10-20 liters of aquarium water. These can be left there until they have decomposed or have been eaten. If the water turns too much tea-brown, you can also remove some of the suppositories and do a partial water change. Alder cones removed prematurely can be dried and reused later. Garnelio Alder Cones are a 100% pure natural product without any other additives.

Declaration according to the German Feed Regulation: Supplementary feed for invertebrates and sucking catfish

Contents: 25 g alder cones

Name: Garnelio alder cones
Ingredients: Alder cones
Declaration: Supplementary food for fish, crayfish, shrimps, herbivorous crabs and snails in freshwater aquariums and terrariums - to supplement the daily diet and as aquarium decoration. Made in Germany.
Application: 1 cone per 10-20 l aquarium contents. Alder cones can remain in the aquarium until they have been eaten. Add more if necessary
Further information: Humic substances - the unknown wonder weapon in the aquarium
  • 7603
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Garnelio - alder cones - 25 g

Garnelio - alder cones - 25 g

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von Kevin (Garnelio)
Answer from the shopowner
von Kevin (Garnelio)

Hallo Martina, vielen Dank für deine Frage! Circa 10-20 Stück. 

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