Fish mouth cone
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Fish mouth cone

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Fish mouth cone
With the cool looking fish mouth cone you can decorate your aquarium great, the cone can be 1a with small plants or simply admire pure in the aquarium. Especially young baby dwarf shrimps get their money's worth - they find great hiding places here. The cone is also an exotic looking playground for older shrimps, which they like to graze and climb. Even your sucking catfish, which depend on wood fibers, will enjoy the beautiful cone and gladly accept it as a treat and a welcome source of fiber. - Garnelio

Our popular, somewhat exotic and distinctive looking fish mouth cone consists of the woody seed capsule of the tropical tree Banksia leptohylia from Australia. The cone is super suitable as a hiding place for small shrimps, which go through many molts during the intensive growth phase and meanwhile like to use hiding places to protect themselves from attacks by conspecifics or predators. Of course, the great cone is also super suitable as decoration for a terrarium!

The fish mouth cone releases small amounts of important tannins and flavonoids into the aquarium water, which can have a nurturing and protective effect on the mucous membranes of shrimp, crayfish and fish and thus have a very positive effect on the health and well-being of your pets in the aquarium.

The scales of the cone offer hiding places, which especially the offspring of your dwarf shrimps will like to visit. Here they can hide well, especially during the critical phase of molting. The surface area of the Fish Mouth Spigot also provides an area for the large shrimp in your aquarium to graze.

The very large surface area of the Fish Mouth Spigot also provides a prime colonization area for the important filter bacteria and other beneficial microorganisms. Filter bacteria contribute significantly to the biological breakdown of pollutants in aquarium water and to water clarification. They live in biofilms, which are a main food source for shrimps and snails in nature and which are also super readily grazed on in the aquarium. Your shrimp like to sit on the fish mouth cone and work its surface with their little scissor legs.

For wood-eating sucking catfish, the fish mouth cone is literally a found food - they rasp it off with abandon and thus gain important cellulose as fiber for a healthy digestion.

Especially between green or red aquatic plants, the exotic fish mouth cone comes into its own decoratively. It emphasizes the natural look of your aquarium with its interesting, detailed appearance. The fish mouth cone can be planted with small perennials such as anubias, bucephalandra or mosses. You can easily put them into the scales of the cone and don't even have to fix them.

Please pre-water the fish mouth cone - it will not sink in the aquarium otherwise. Alternatively, you can hold the cone down in the aquarium with a heavy object until it has soaked itself full of water. Then it will stay alone at the bottom of the aquarium. From time to time you should thoroughly rinse the Fishmouth Spigot to remove accumulated residues and also clean the substrate under the spigot so that no gamma spots can form in the aquarium.

Contents: 1x fish mouth cone Size: 5-8 cm

Name: Fish mouth cone
Description: Woody seed pod of Banksia leptophylia, hiding place for dwarf shrimp, source of fiber for catfish
Origin: Australia
Unit: 1 piece
Size: 5-8 cm
Further information: The power of microorganisms in the aquarium, Humic substances - the unknown wonder weapon in the aquarium
  • 28473
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Fish mouth cone

Fish mouth cone

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